Best time to visit Honduras

Mountain Biking

Honduras is a perfect place for a mountain bike adventures!


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Numerous dirt roads meandering through the amazing mountainous terrain can impress even an experienced biker. So, take your route map and go on a journey! We advise to plan your route only during the dry season, as the rainy season brings mud slides.

Riders of all levels can take a single or multiple-day trip in La Ceiba. Most prefer the Rio Cangrejal area, located in Pico Bonito National Park. Other popular destinations among bikers include Jardin Botanico Lancetilla in Tela or the Ruta Lanca on the western side of Honduras with its challenging, topsy-turvy terrain.

Professional riders can check out the road between Gracias and San Sebastian or La Esperanza with some picturesque villages, churches, and other sights along the way. At last, conquer the road to the Isla El Tigre, where the traffic is scarce and there are lots of stunning places to make stops.