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Vegan Oktoberfest 2022

Enjoy yourself at one of the few vegan beer fests


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How many vegan beer fests do you know of? Not that many, right? As vegan culture is becoming more popular, we want to tell you about this awesome vegan beer festival.

The event takes place at Los Angeles Center Studios—a huge territory that fits all foreign and local visitors. Guests will have an opportunity to relish delicious drinks from popular beer vendors, such as Common Space Brewery, The Original Bravus, Flying Embers, etc. You can also chunk on savory snacks or go for fully-fledged mouthwatering meals (desserts are also on the list). The special part about this festival is that all vendors support the vegan lifestyle, so you will eat only organic and non-cruelty products. The most iconic companies selling at the event are Phyto’s Vegan Eats, Plant Power Fast Food, Pop’n Mama Organic, and many others.

The administration has also prepared some entertainment options. For example, you can witness famous bands perform at a live music concert or take part in one of the several contests, such as stein holding or costume.

The ticket price includes three full pours of beer and unlimited drink samples. Follow the official website so that you don't miss any important updates on tickets and pricing. In addition, remember to book your accommodation in advance as LA is super busy this time of year.

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