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Visit Botataung Pagoda in Myanmar

Discover this significant religious site for Buddhists—the gleaming Botataung pagoda, lesser known of “the three pagodas” of Yangon

Visit Botataung Pagoda
Visit Botataung Pagoda
Visit Botataung Pagoda

The Botahtaung pagoda was built over 2,500 years ago during the Mon dynasty and it enshrines a sacred hair of the Gautama Buddha. Unfortunately it was totally destroyed by the bombings of Allied forces during World War II.

Now it's rebuilt, and the relics of the original structure can be seen inside the Pagoda. It has a sort of mirrored maze inside, containing many of the ancient relics and artifacts that were rescued from the site of the previous pagoda. The special feature of the Botahtaung Pagoda is the golden spire that rises up 40 meters. The festival of the Botahtaung pagoda is annually celebrated during the dry season. The Botahtaung Pagoda is situated in the corner of Botahtaung Pagoda Road and Strand Road.

Just on the left side of the pagoda, there's one more interesting place—Ahma Mya Nan Nwe, a worship place for the Spiritual Being who is believed to be guarding the Botahtaung Pagoda. In a short walk to the Yangon River, you can see the Botahtaung Jetty.

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What is the significance of the Botataung pagoda in Myanmar?

The Botataung Pagoda is considered a crucial religious site for Buddhists, enshrining one of Gautama Buddha's sacred hairs. Its most remarkable feature is the 40 meter golden spire. The original structure's relics are displayed inside the pagoda, along with artefacts and relics from the previous site. Show more

When was the Botataung pagoda built, and why was it destroyed during World War II?

The Botataung pagoda dates back 2,500 years to the Mon dynasty, but was destroyed during World War II by Allied forces. Being used as a listening post, this act deemed the pagoda a target. Rebuilt after the war, the pagoda houses the original structure's relics inside it. Show more

Where is the Botataung pagoda located in Myanmar?

Situated in the corner of Botahtaung Pagoda Road and Strand Road, the Botataung Pagoda is on the banks of the Yangon River in Yangon, Myanmar. It has easy access by bus, taxi or on foot, being close to the downtown area with other famous landmarks and tourist destinations. Show more

What is Ahma Mya Nan Nwe, and where is it located in relation to the Botataung pagoda?

Ahma Mya Nan Nwe is the worship place of the Spiritual Being guarding the Botataung pagoda, located on the left of the pagoda. Visitors can explore the place, observe nearby buildings' intricate designs, learn the history and significance of the pagoda in Buddhist culture. Show more

When is the annual festival of the Botataung pagoda celebrated, and what can visitors expect during this time?

The Botataung Pagoda's annual festival happens during the dry season between November and May. Visitors can expect a lively atmosphere filled with traditional music, dances, and theatrical performances. Additionally, visitors can sample a range of local food, purchase local souvenirs and take them home as prized mementos of their time in Myanmar. Show more

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