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Asian Festival 2024

One of the most popular ethnic festivals in Central Ohio

Dates: May 25-26, 2024

The annual Asian Festival is held on Memorial Day Weekend in Columbus, Ohio, and celebrates the heritage of Asia and the Pacific Islands. Visitors to the event, held in Franklin Park, are entertained with Asian music, dance, interactive art demonstrations, Tai chi, martial arts, games, and excellent food. There is​ also a special children's area, a job fair, and a marketplace with dozens of vendors.

Asian Fest Dragon Boat Race

The Dragon Boat race at Westbank Park is the major highlight of the Asian Festival. It started in 2010 with just two boats and two teams and has grown into more than 20 competing crews. Dozens of volunteers and supporters of the Asian Festival helped to stage the event. A dragon boat is a long canoe, decorated with a dragon head and a dragon tail. A drummer sits on the front, setting the rhythm and directing the paddlers while a steersman in the rear end guides the boat. When paddlers stir in unison, it resembles a dragon flying over the water–hence the name.


If you plan to arrive at the festival by car, there are numerous parking options, such as A. Wolfe Park, C. East High School, and E. Care Point East.

Festival History and Values

Showcasing cultural diversity, the festival has proved to be a big success since its inaugural year of 1995. The Asian Festival attracts about 100,000 attendees every year. The Asian Festival advocates for the significance of cultural diversity in fostering a lively, thriving, and well-balanced community. The Festival aims to provide a fun and entertaining experience and prompts strong community relationships.

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