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Watson Falls in Oregon

The second highest waterfall in Oregon

Watson Falls
Watson Falls

Picturesque Watson Falls is located on Watson Creek in Crater Lake National Park, Douglas County, Oregon. The 272-ft (83-m) waterfall is the highest in southwest Oregon. It is also one of the most photographed. A columnar waterfall is located at an elevation of 3,353 ft (1,022 m) and can be reached by the 0.4-mi (0.6-km) Watson Falls Trail #1496.

The trailhead is located at the parking lot with picnic tables near Watson Creek. The trail that starts at the southern side of the parking lot climbs through an ancient forest. Soon hikers will see a flat rock and a free-fall cascade. Walk across the bridge that leads to a bench and a lookout with an excellent view. On the platform, hikers can feel the mist from the waterfall and see it up close. The trail goes back down the west side of Watson Creek and ends at the parking area. It's open year-round, but spring, summer, and fall months (April through November) are recommended as the best season. Also, the time frame between late June and early July is praised for the largest flow due to melting snow.

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What is Watson Falls?

Located in Douglas County, Oregon, Watson Falls is the second highest waterfall in the state, standing at 272 feet (83m) high. It is a popular destination for tourists and photographers due to its picturesque location and stunning views. Show more

Where is Watson Falls located?

Watson Falls is situated along Watson Creek in Crater Lake National Park, Douglas County, Oregon, at an elevation of 3,353 feet (1,022 meters). Visitors can easily access the waterfall by walking along the Watson Falls Trail #1496 which commences from the nearby parking lot with picnic tables. Show more

When is the best time of year to visit Watson Falls?

To get the best experience from your visit to Watson Falls, it is recommended to visit between April and November, when the weather is mild, and the waterfall has ample water flow. Due to melting snow, the largest flow of the waterfall occurs in late June to early July. Show more

How long is the Watson Falls Trail?

At a moderate level of difficulty, the Watson Falls Trail is a 0.4-mile (0.6-km) round trip beginning from the parking lot near Watson Creek and leading through an ancient forest with breathtaking views. It eventually leads to the falls lookout point, providing an up-close view of the waterfall before heading back. Show more

What is the best time of day to visit Watson Falls?

Watson Falls is a beautiful destination to visit at any time. For an optimal experience, however, visiting during the morning is best. At this time, photo enthusiasts can take advantage of the perfect lighting, and tourists can avoid crowds and rush. The sun's passage through the surrounding forest casts light and shadow over the landscape, creating a magical atmosphere. Show more

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