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Chester County Balloon Festival 2022

Witness cake-shaped and monster-inspired balloons at this hot air balloon festival


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The Chester County Balloon Festival offers more than just balloon rides. Aside from flying in the sky in gigantic aerostats, you can also enjoy helicopter exhibits, balloon history museum excursions, special-shape balloon rodeos, tethers, and nighttime glow displays.

If you get hungry at the festival, be sure to taste delicious meals and drinks from local food vendors. There will be a wine and a beer garden, as well as lunch booths. You’ll also be able to ride a mechanical bull, jump on a trampoline, and listen to live concerts. The location may change, but normally, the event is held at the New Garden Airport.

As for the tickets, we suggest purchasing them online and in advance. If you are planning to buy the tickets on-site, bring cash because paying with a credit card won't be an option.

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