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Fur Seal Breeding Season in Victoria

At the rookery of fur seals, there is constant turmoil: some pups sleep, some get food, some play, some snarl at neighbours or even climb the rocks

Best time: October–December

Fur Seal Breeding Season

Seal Rocks at Phillip Island host a huge rookery of fur seals that relax in the sun. It is one of the largest fur seal colonies in Australia, where more than 16,000 mammals usually live.

From October to December runs the breeding season and you can see large fur seals who bask in the sun, bathe in the waters, and feed their cubs. In addition, you can cruise along the coast by boat, where the fur seals swim closer. These curious animals drift near your boat and gladly swim to people.

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When is the best time to visit the fur seal colony at Phillip Island?

The breeding season from October to December is the ideal time to visit the fur seal colony at Phillip Island. During this season, large fur seals bask on the rocks, bathe in the ocean, and feed their cubs. Additionally, visitors can witness these animals swimming close to their boats during a scenic coastal cruise. Show more

Where is the Seal Rocks located in Victoria?

Seal Rocks are situated on Phillip Island, located 140 km south-east of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia. Visitors can access Phillip Island by vehicle or public transport. The island houses many tourist hotspots, including the iconic Penguin Parade and the Nobbies Centre, offering awe-inspiring views of the coastline. Show more

How many fur seals usually live in the colony at Phillip Island?

Phillip Island's Seal Rocks is home to a vast fur seal colony of more than 16,000 mammals. Visit this attraction from October to December to spot large fur seals feeding their young and lounging around. Cruising along the coast presents visitors with the opportunity to observe these interesting creatures up close. Show more

What other activities can I enjoy while visiting the colony during the breeding season?

Aside from observing the fur seals in their natural habitat during the breeding season, visitors can participate in a coastal cruise. Delight in watching curious fur seals swimming close to the boat while exploring more of Phillip Island's offerings. These include the ceremonial Penguin Parade, the Nobbies Centre, and various restaurants serving freshly caught seafood. Show more

Can I get close to the fur seals during the cruise along the coast?

Coastal cruises provide an up-close and personal encounter with the fur seals. Observers may see curious seals leisurely swimming close to the boat. The natural beauty of the coastline, alongside its fascinating rock formations, adds to the delightful cruising experience. Show more

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