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Manassas Viking Festival 2023

Travel back in time to the age of brave Vikings

Dates: May 13, 2023

Manassas Viking Festival
Manassas Viking Festival

Manassas Viking Festival is an annual family-friendly event that takes place at Manassas Museum Lawn & Harris Pavilion every May. Educational and entertaining, the festival attracts thousands of people to Downtown Manassas. The festival takes visitors back in time to a recreated Viking Village with many costumed characters, a Viking camp, and Scandinavian-themed vendors.

The marketplace, located along West Street, features artisans offering a variety of unique items: swords, sheepskins, and period garments. Manassas Viking Festival runs from 10 am to 5 pm. It's free for the public to attend.

Among the main highlights of the festival is a 40-foot (12-m) boat by Leif Ericson Viking Ship, Inc., based out of Philadelphia. Entertainment at Manassas Viking Festival includes battle reenactments, educational demonstrations, live music, and dancers. Visitors can see craftsmen at work and participate in Viking games and activities. Those who want to research their potential Scandinavian roots can check with the Icelandic Roots Genealogy Ancestry database. Little visitors can also enjoy encounters with birds and Icelandic horses. The Val-Howl-A Hall dog show features Viking-breed dogs, like Icelandic sheepdogs and Norwegian buhunds,

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