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Devils Postpile National Monument

These unique symmetrical columns created by the forces of nature attract people from all over the world

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Created over a hundred thousand years ago, these basalt columns still impress visitors. Over 400 symmetrical columns, towering up to 182 metres are a famous geological phenomenon, found only in a few places around the globe.

Devils Postpile is a completely unique formation created by the power of fire and ice. When a large amount of lava flowed down the Upper Soda Springs area it met a powerful glacier. Then, the lava began cooling, turning into solid rock. Due to expansion, the rock cracked, creating vertical joints. These cracks formed naturally into hexagonal columns. Actually, the columns were much higher from what we can observe today. Powerful erosive forces have been shaping them for tens of thousands of years.

The Devils Postpile National Monument has three geologically unique features, among which are the lack of horizontal jointing, their symmetry, and highly visible glacial striations and glacial polish. It officially became a National Monument in 1911, and today it welcomes visitors from all over the world. The park offers lots of active hiking and camping spots with amazing views and beautiful natural formations.

Access to the Devils Postpile National Monument is closed for winter and usually opens in mid-June. For those planning a trip in June, September, or October, we recommend checking the official website for up to date weather and closure information. The monument closes temporarily when winter weather arrives early.

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