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Zoominescence Festival of Light 2022

A magnificent exhibition of light installations at Edmonton Valley Zoo


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Every winter, Edmonton Valley Zoo hosts Zoominescence, a dazzling exhibition of artistic light installations. Celebrating light, art, and imagination, the festival is considered one of Edmonton's most popular events during the holiday season. Edmonton is a northern North America's city, so winter lights are necessary to illuminate the spirit and bring home energy during the cold and dark season. Each year, the festival has a different theme, which lets artists unleash their imagination and creative ideas.

The festival takes place on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings in December. Witness the zoo's transformations into a magical space, enjoy the light displays, go down the ice slide, or visit the skating rink. Don't miss ice sculptures, fire dancers, and other seasonal entertainment. Zoominescence occurs from 5 pm to 9 pm General admission is $9.50 for adults and $7 for children.

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