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Helen to the Atlantic Hot Air Balloon Race 2023

The only long-distance balloon race in the United States

Helen to the Atlantic Hot Air Balloon Race is the oldest ballooning event of the South that is held every June in the Alpine village of Hellen, North Georgia. Witness an incredible lift-off of over 20 hot air balloons competing in America's only long-distance balloon race. It starts in Helen, and the finish line could be anywhere on the coastal Highway I-95 (between Maine and Miami). The distance of 225 miles (362 km) can be covered in two days. Since balloons usually have fuel for just four hours, they have to land for refueling.

Helen to the Atlantic is not just an exciting event to watch. The public can participate in numerous activities on land like assisting with the inflations, trying tethered rides, and more. About 20 balloons will be offering rides locally. The picturesque Alpine village also offers many outdoor sights and attractions, including vast forests, mountain streams, and the waterfalls. The festival's program runs for three straight days from 7 am to 6:30 pm.

For the tickets and latest updates, please check with the official website (see External Resources below.)

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