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Globe Theatre 2024

Would you like to visit a Renaissance Theatre? The reconstructed open-air Globe stages plays in a 17th century fashion

Dates: May–October

Globe Theatre
Globe Theatre
Globe Theatre

The legendary open-air Globe Theatre dates back to 1599, and one of its owners was none other than William Shakespeare. Through the course of history, the theatre was repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt. The modern version of the building appeared after the latest reconstruction in 1997. The theatre features Shakespeare's classics among modern creations from gifted contemporary playwrights. In addition to 1,370 normal seats, the roof and the yard contain 700 standing places, so you can experience what it was like to watch a p​lay in Renaissance style. Obviously, the standing tickets are cheaper than seats, so you can choose the one according to your budget. The season runs from late April or early May through October.​

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