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Catamaran Sailing in Maldives 2024-2025

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Best time: November–April

Catamaran Sailing
Catamaran Sailing
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Sailing in the beautiful blue waters of the Maldives is a favourite activity of the islands. A catamaran that has two parallel hulls with the sail in the middle is very popular here because it is quite spacious and more stable than a regular boat. If you want to see more of the Maldive's nature and stunning sunsets, catamaran sailing will be a great adventure for you. You can rent a smaller catamaran for yourself or a bigger one with a crew and a powerful engine that allows greater speeds if you are planning on travelling longer distances.

The low draft makes the catamaran a suitable vessel to explore coral reefs and atolls with, which the Maldives are so famous for. Most visitors prefer to rent a catamaran with a guide and crew to see the great sea life, to go snorkelling and to find the best swimming spots. Sailing on a catamaran will be a great experience that you will remember for a long time, especially if you sail from the beautiful capital of Malé or Hulhumale. The best time for sailing in the Maldives is during the dry months from November to April.

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What is a catamaran and why is it a preferred vessel in Maldives?

A catamaran boasts of two parallel hulls and a sail in between, giving it superior stability compared to regular boats. Its low draft makes it ideal for coral reef and atoll exploration, both of which are famous in Maldives. Furthermore, its spacious interior allows passengers to comfortably island-hop, making it a popular choice for tourists and locals alike. Show more

Where are the great sea life, coral reefs and atolls located in Maldives?

Maldives is home to several coral reefs and atolls that can be found across the archipelago. Some of the famous ones include the stunning Kuredu Caves in Kuredu Island, Banana Reef in North Male Atoll, and the vibrant Fotteyo Kandu reef in Vaavu Atoll. A catamaran is the perfect vessel to navigate these beautiful waters and explore the islands in Maldives. Show more

What are the advantages of hiring a larger catamaran with crew and a powerful engine?

Opting to rent a larger catamaran with a crew and powerful engine comes with several benefits. The extra space allows passengers to travel to more far-flung islands while guaranteeing comfort and efficiency. The crew provide expert guidance on the area and add a touch of luxury to the trip. Larger catamarans also offer superior amenities like comfortable beds and lavish bathrooms that make the journey more enjoyable and memorable. Show more

When is the best time to go catamaran sailing in Maldives and why?

The ideal time to go catamaran sailing in Maldives is between November and April, which are the dry months. The weather is more stable during this period, and the seas are relatively calm, making it easier to explore the reefs and atolls. Island hopping is a breeze during these months, thanks to the lesser rain and fewer weather disturbances. However, take note that these months see an increase in tourist activity and availability of rentals may be affected. Show more

What are the recommended snorkelling and swimming spots when sailing on a catamaran in Maldives?

A catamaran sailing trip in Maldives offers numerous opportunities for snorkelling and swimming. The magnificent reefs in Baa Atoll, pristine Rangali Finolhu sandbank, luxurious One&Only Reethi Rah beach, and the whale shark in South Ari Atoll are must-visit hotspots. For a more secluded destination, tourists can check out Kudadoo Maldives' secluded reef or go for the Mirihi Island Resort, which boasts of vast coral reefs and an abundance of sea creatures. Show more

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