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Carroll County Balloon Festival 2022

Maryland's most magical family event will leave you speechless


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Brief history

Hot air balloon festivals have been around since 1979 when local pilots from Albuquerque inflated the balloons to thank the local community on Christmas Eve. The balloons in the night sky looked like giant Christmas ornaments, which fascinated people and made them turn such air festivals into an annual holiday. Although in Carroll County, hot air balloon celebrations have only recently become a tradition, the event is already a jaw-dropping experience.

Balloon shows

The festival involves up to 16 traditional and special-shape air bags, which fly over the stunning Carroll County area. The administration has also organized other related activities, like tethered balloon rides, passenger flights, walkabouts, and a balloon training demonstration. Most of these rides don’t require an early registration, and you can also pay on-site (just double-check the event’s official pages beforehand).


The price range for a balloon ride is relatively reasonable—they’ll only charge you around $250 a person for an adult 30-45 minute flight. As for the tethered rides, you’ll have to pay about $15 per person (adults & kids under 12 years old). And walkabout balloon rides for kids will only cost $3.


The festival offers many other activities besides balloon riding. For example, there will be famous local DJs, acoustic bands, craft & retail exhibits, stage shows, a 5K run/walk, and other special ceremonies. Also, don’t forget to bring your children as there will be a special kids zone with fun games for all ages.


The organizers don’t want you to be hungry during the event, so they have made sure there is plenty of food at the festival. You’ll be able to enjoy scrumptious fully-fledged meals from fifteen various vendors. And, of course, no festival is held without tasty snacks, delicious desserts, and gallons of aromatic coffee.


The festival’s administration suggests you don’t bring along your pets, beach umbrellas, tents, bottles, food cans, or coolers. On the other hand, you’re welcome to grab your lawn chairs and favorite blankets. You may also want to book your accommodation in advance—there’s a hotel in Westminster. But feel free to check out our map for other options. And don’t forget to follow the event’s official pages to stay tuned about any possible updates—the weather is very unpredictable, so the festival may get canceled at any time.

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