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Birdwatching in Miami 2024-2025

The amazing amount of local and migratory birds make South Florida a great place for bird watchers

Best time: December–April


South Florida is a world-renowned birding spot. Miami is known for its exotic fauna—anhinga, herons, pelicans, ibis, sandpipers, red shoulder hawks, barred owls, snowy egrets, and roseate spoonbills. The dry season, which lasts from November until May, is the best time as the water level drops and fish are trapped in shallow places. This fact creates a delicious fish buffet for birds! Starting from June and till October, the rainy season comes to Miami. This is when newly hatched birds are learning to fly and catch fish.

One of the best spots for birding is the Everglades National Park. It is home to over 350 species of birds! You can find lots of birds throughout the park, but the very best place is the Anhinga Trail. Biscayne Bay, including Biscayne National Park, is another perfect birding spot. It has significant populations of protected species and wading birds.

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What are the best months for birdwatching in Miami?

Birdwatching in Miami is best done between December and April when the usual heavy rainfall subsides, leading to a drop in water levels. The ideal conditions make it easier to watch birds feeding on fish in shallow areas. Miami hosts various bird species during this season, among them, herons, ibis, pelicans, red shoulder hawks, barred owls, snowy egrets, roseate spoonbills, and sandpipers. Show more

What are the most common bird species found in Miami?

Miami has an array of birds species available for birdwatching. Herons, ibis, pelicans, red shoulder hawks, barred owls, snowy egrets, roseate spoonbills, and sandpipers are among the regularly spotted bird species. There's an even wider variety of bird species in other Miami areas, such as Everglades National Park and Biscayne Bay. Here, people can watch over 350 bird species in their natural habitats. Show more

Where is the best place to go birdwatching in Miami?

Anhinga Trail inside the Everglades National Park is a popular, must-visit spot for birdwatching. Bird species are the primary species of Anhinga Trail. Biscayne Bay, also containing Biscayne National Park, is another top birdwatching spot in Miami. This bay has wading birds and protected species such as roseate spoonbills and pelicans. For birdwatching enthusiasts, there are endless opportunities to observe various species throughout the day in these locations. Show more

What other animals can be found in the Everglades National Park, besides birds?

Beyond a tremendous bird variety, the Everglades National Park has abundant wildlife. Wetlands on the park's boundaries are an alligator's natural habitat, and rough green snakes, banded water snakes, and a range of turtles are prevalent. Bobcats, lynx, foxes, raccoons, and white-tailed deer make up the mammalian population. The park also features a variety of fish species, mammals, and amphibians in its freshwater ecosystems. Show more

Are there any endangered species of birds in Miami that I can see during birdwatching?

There are several endangered bird species in Miami, and with a little luck, birdwatchers may spot them. The rarest bird species in Miami is the Cape Sable Seaside Sparrow, with a count of about 2000. Additional endangered species in Miami include the Florida Grasshopper Sparrow, Snail Kite, and Wood Stork. These endangered species can be challenging to locate. Birdwatchers seeking to identify these birds should consult park authorities or wildlife conservationists for advice on secure viewing options while preserving their habitat. Show more

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