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Everglades Boating Adventure

A unique ecosystem and the beauty of its wildlife open a new perspective on the life of South Florida


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When you are visiting Miami, you just can't miss a boat adventure in the wild. Boating in one of the most interesting nature reserves, Florida's Everglades, will bring you much more than you might expect. It's a unique wetland ecosystem and home to a huge variety of fauna and flora.

Everglades Boating Adventure in Miami - Best Season 2020

During your trip, wildlife will be closer than ever. It is perfect for birders, nature enthusiasts, photographers, and those who'd like to experience the uniqueness of this place with its alligators, jungle trails, observation platforms, and exhibits.

Best time for Everglades Boating Adventure in Miami 2020

You can choose from an airboat, pole boats, or kayaking tours. Airboats may be too loud and scare off the animals and birds. Pole boats have been used for centuries by the Native tribes. A kayak is the best way to discover the Everglades by yourself, at your own pace.

Best time to see Everglades Boating Adventure in Miami 2020
Best time for Everglades Boating Adventure 2020

The best time to visit this beautiful park runs from December until April. This winter dry season is the most popular for visitors. Temperatures are pleasant, no mosquitos, and the main thing is that the wildlife is more active during this time so you can see the largest diversity of birds and animals.

Through the mangroves 2020
Through the mangroves
Best time to see Everglades Boating Adventure 2020

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