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Best time: May–September

Wisconsin Dells is the city on the Wisconsin River surrounded by fantastic sandstone formations with picturesque caves and beaches. It is called the waterpark capital of the world due to numerous entertainment centers, nature trails, and camping grounds. It is also a premier destination for boating, canoeing or kayaking.

Visitors can go paddling on Wisconsin River in just a few miles from downtown. Just drive on River Road, take a left turn on Illinois Avenue and park near the kayak launch site. From there you can boat to Blackhawk Island, explore the river and visit famous Witches Gulch before turning around and going back. Roundtrip is about 7.5 mi (12.1 km). There are many guided boat tours on the Wisconsin River featuring beautiful rock formations, Native American pictographs, overhanging edges, and secluded sandy beaches. Many tours focus on Upper Dell's landmarks: Coldwater Canyon, Sunset Cliff, Rhodes Glen, and Black Hawks Cave. Boating season on Wisconsin River is May through September.

Other paddling locations in Wisconsin Dells include Lake Delton, Devil's Lake, and Mirror Lake. Both lakes feature scenic sandstone bluffs with towering pines. There are plenty of boat rentals with SUP boards, kayaks, double kayaks, canoes, fishing boats, pontoon boats and paddleboats, and anything that can float.

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When is the best time to visit Wisconsin Dells for kayaking?

May through September offers the best opportunity to kayak in Wisconsin Dells with calm waters. Most hiking enthusiasts prefer non-peak seasons to minimize costs, but the weather in these months may not be favorable for water activities. It's always better to plan beforehand to avoid this situation. Show more

Where are the best places to go kayaking in Wisconsin Dells?

Visitors can explore the natural beauty of Wisconsin Dells across different locations in the area. Kayaking on the Wisconsin River offers scenic sandstone formations and caves, which make up unique landmarks. Lake Delton comprises pine trees with sandstone walls in picturesque scenery. Devil's Lake is rich in natural beauty, and Mirror Lake offers sandy beaches and calmer waters, perfect for the leisure paddler. Show more

What is the duration of the guided boat tours on Wisconsin River?

Guided boat tours on Wisconsin River are diverse, offering two hours of exploration of the longest river in the state. The journey is usually eventful with stopovers at iconic landmarks, including the Sunset Cliff, Rhodes Glen, and Black Hawk. Visitors can find rock formations, secluded beaches, and pictographs that add to the beauty of the area. Show more

What are the landmarks featured in the Upper Dell's guided boat tours?

Upper Dell's guided boat tours offer an exclusive, spectacular view of the Wisconsin River. The Coldwater Canyon, Sunset Cliff, Rhodes Glen, and Black Hawk Cave are some notable landmarks in the Upper Dell region, adding a unique feature compared to those available to regular visitors. It's a chance not to be missed to marvel at how much natural beauty Wisconsin Dells harbor. Show more

Can visitors rent a fishing boat in Wisconsin Dells for kayaking?

Renting a fishing boat for kayaking in Wisconsin Dells is possible, but not the best option. They're cumbersome and not only designed with streamline shapes, making navigation difficult. Visitors should rent kayaks or SUP boards that will provide the best kayaking experience without putting safety at risk. Adhering to this suggestion will make a day spent on the water safe and exciting. Show more

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