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East Harlem Giglio Feast 2024

Immerse yourself in Italian culture dancing with the giant Giglio through the streets of Manhattan

Dates: August 8–11, 2024

East Harlem Giglio Feast
East Harlem Giglio Feast
East Harlem Giglio Feast
East Harlem Giglio Feast
East Harlem Giglio Feast

The East Harlem Giglio Feast, also known as the "Dance of the Giglio," is an Italian festival with origins in Brusciano, Italy. Celebrated every second Sunday of August, it pays homage to St. Antonio. Members of the Giglio Society of East Harlem annually carry a three-ton, 80-foot Giglio tower on their backs, mirroring the traditions observed in Brusciano.

The Dressing of the Giglio (August 3, 2024)

One crucial component of each Giglio is the face. Each year, participants make it from scratch according to the specifications of the Maestro di Festa (or Master of Ceremonies). The paper-mâché face is traditionally adorned with saints and colorful flowers, lilies (Giglio in Italian) being the most prominent of them.

Sant’ Antonio Procession Saturday (August 10, 2024)

Participants are welcome to join for the Annual Sant’ Antonio Procession on Saturday at noon as they carry the beloved Saint Anthony Statue through the streets of East Harlem alongside Danny Vecchiano and the Giglio Band. The remarkable Giglio Band will play all the traditional songs as they march.

Dancing the Children’s Giglio (August 10, 2024)

Dancing the Children’s Giglio is a special event for kids to enjoy the Giglio lift. Attendees will receive a shirt and the chance to lift their miniature version of the World Famous East Harlem Giglio. At 6:30 pm, hats and shirts will be distributed to the children attending the event, who will then have the opportunity to lift The Children’s Giglio. At 7 pm, children can dance around The Children’s Giglio at Pleasant Ave & 115 Street, celebrating this cherished tradition in East Harlem.

Giglio Lift Sunday (August 11, 2024)

The Giglio of Sant' Antonio will be paraded through the vibrant streets of East Harlem. Accompanied by the gifted tenor and Society Member Jimmy Alleva, along with the spirited melodies of Danny Vecchiano and the Giglio Band, the towering 72-foot, 4-ton Giglio will be a sight to behold. The day's events commence with a Paranza Mass at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Shrine Church at noon, followed by the exhilarating First Lift and Dancing of the Giglio di Sant' Antonio at 1:30 pm. Music and entertainment will fill the air as the festivities continue from 6 pm to 11 pm.


Other entertainment at the festival includes live music, dances, a sausage and pepper-eating contest, and much more. Children's activities invlude clowns, entertainers, and various activities. The moving platform also hosts a multi-piece band with several singers. Live music is integral to the Giglio dancing procession, inspiring and synching the lifters and cheering up spectators.

Location & Parking

All the processions will begin from East 115th Street and Pleasant Avenue. For those joining the celebration, paid parking is available at the Costco Parking lot, conveniently situated on the corner of Pleasant Avenue and 116th Street.

History of East Harlem Giglio Feast

The Feast originated in Italy in 1908, while the New York City tradition was initiated in 2000 by The Giglio Society of East Harlem, a devoted group of American Italians who honor Sant Antonio and their ethnic traditions. Numerous families from Brusciano, Italy, migrated to East Harlem, bringing their tradition of the annual Dance of the Giglio festival, held in honor of Anthony of Padua. The festival in East Harlem closely follows the format of the celebrations in Brusciano, where participants construct a Giglio statue and joyously dance with it through the streets of New York.

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