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Best time to visit Provence & French Riviera


Glamorous resorts, small old port towns, magnificent landscapes and, of course, the azure water. The French Riviera is truly a sailor's paradise!


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Discovering Provence and the French Riviera is even more exciting from water than from land. From a yacht, you can observe long stretches of soft sandy beaches, the rocky Calanques of Cassis, unique little islands and both ports of charming small towns and sparkling fashionable resorts like Cannes or Saint-Tropez—all framed with the clear azure waters of the Mediterranean sea. Along the coast, you'll find lots of great stopovers with some wonderful gastronomic delights and vibrant atmospheres. You'll also be able t​o see some magnificent natural reserves and lush landscapes that can be hard to get to from land. Lots of companies offer cruises along the coast with different durations so finding one that's suitable for you won't be a problem.

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