Best time to visit Seville

Cycling in Seville 2024-2025

Seville confidently claims to be the cycling capital of Southern Europe

Best time: October–May


Seville and bicycles are a great combination. Today it's easy to explore the old city by feet, but other parts seem made for bikes. The city is often called the southern capital of cyclists. Beautifully marked cycle paths, running alongside roads, will make your journey the most comfortable. Also, there is little traffic in the central and peripheral regions. It's really easy to find your best bicycle in town and start to enjoy a comfortable trip—bike stations are everywhere.

Sure, not only the city is great for cycling. The whole region of Andalucia has one of the best landscapes in the country. From your start in Carmona (just outside Seville) you can ride all the way to Granada. This route is rather popular because it offers beautiful views. You will observe Moorish palaces of Sevilla and Granada, the natural parks, amazing mountains, and olive groves. That makes the route unique and unforgettable.

The best time to enjoy cycling is the period from October till May when the temperature is not too hot.

Practical info

When is the most suitable period to cycle in Seville?

The period between October and May is the most suitable for cycling in Seville as the weather is not too hot. Cycling during hot summer months can lead to dehydration and heatstroke. It is, therefore, important to avoid cycling during these months. The ideal time to ride is mostly during pleasant weather to make the experience enjoyable. Show more

What features make Seville one of the top cycling destinations in Southern Europe?

Seville offers a beautiful network of cycle routes which run aside the roads and provide a safe and comfortable cycling experience. Least traffic on roads in central and peripheral regions makes it an enjoyable ride. Seville boasts some of the most amazing landscapes in Andalucia and provides magnificent sights of Moorish palaces, natural parks, olive groves and mountain ranges. With all these exceptional features, Seville serves as a serene cycling destination for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. Show more

Where can rental bicycles be located in Seville?

In Seville, there are several rental bike shops one can visit and quickly get a bicycle for a day, a week, or a month. Some of the well-known rental shops include Sevici, Rent a Bike in Seville, and Bike Rental Seville. Available rental prices, reserved bikes, and other booking options can easily get accessed via their websites. If one is staying in a hotel, assistance could also be given to organize rental bicycles. Show more

Which cycling routes are the most popular in Andalucia?

Andalucia has a wide range of breathtaking cycling routes. Among the most popular are the Greenway of the Sierra that passes through olive groves and splendid countryside; La Via Verde de Sierra, a 29 km traffic-free route; and La Via Verde del Aceite, a 128 km flat route passing through the olive country's heart in Jaen. The Seville-Granada route through Sierra Nevada's natural park is another well-liked route by cyclists. Show more

Is cycling in Andalucia for experienced riders only or can beginners engage in it too?

In Andalucia, cycling routes are not only for experienced riders; beginners also have a wide range of options available. For instance, the Greenway of the Sierra promises the ideal route for novices as it is flat and has low traffic. However, expert riders may often look into the Seville-Granada route, which comes with an extensive challenge, and it is one of the most popular routes. Selecting a preferred route that best suits one's fitness level and ability is essential. Also, group cycling tour or assistance from an experienced guide is recommended, mainly for more daring routes. Show more

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