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Cycling in Spain

Spectacular landscapes, tasty food from different regions, and plenty of interaction with locals—this is why you should choose a bicycle as a main form of transport while in Spain

Best time: September–June


The bicycle is a very popular means of transport in Spain, a country that has everything available for comfortable and easy cycling. You will find perfectly adapted routes, cycle touring and bike rentals all over Spain.

The Spanish climate makes it easy to cycle almost year round and enjoy the nature and architecture. This country has Pyrenees mountains, 15 National Parks and the best-signposted routes in Europe. On your way, you can easily find accommodations, campsites and beautiful bars.

Valencia, Vitoria, and Zaragoza are the most popular cycling destinations as well as the Pyrenees, the Way of Saint James, and Via Verdes. Beautiful landscapes can be found in the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Andalucía, and on the tranquil roads surrounding Gorafe. Las Alpujarras is another unforgettable stretch on the southern side of the Sierra Nevada, which can take you up to the highest villages in Spain.

Even though you can go cycling all year round, summer might get too hot to enjoy the trip. In particular, July and August see the peak temperatures which makes them not the best time for this activity.

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What are the most popular cycling destinations in Spain?

Valencia, Vitoria, and Zaragoza are some popular cycling destinations in Spain. These destinations boast scenic landscapes and have several accommodations, campsites, and bars to rest along the way for cycling enthusiasts. The Pyrenees, Way of Saint James, and Via Verdes are popular areas for cycling enthusiasts. Sierra Nevada mountain range in Andalucía, and roads surrounding Gorafe are also a favorite of cyclists. Show more

When is the best time to go cycling in Spain?

The suggested time for cycling in Spain is between September and June, as the weather is moderate, leading to a perfect cycling experience. It is recommended to avoid cycling during the peak summer months of July and August, as it can be extremely hot and uncomfortable, which can hinder the cycling experience. To top it up, visiting Spain's national parks during autumn and spring offers stunning nature views, which are easy to appreciate while cycling. Show more

What are the best cycling routes to enjoy the nature and architecture of Spain?

The Pyrenees mountain range, Way of Saint James, Via Verdes, Las Alpujarras, and more are some of the many cycling routes known to encompass Spain's magnificent landscapes alongside notable architectonic wonders. These routes can suit both experienced and novice cyclists without sacrificing the breathtaking views that Spain's national parks have to offer. The routes have plenty of accessible amenities like accommodations, campsites, and bars to make stops, allowing for extended exploration throughout its entirety. Show more

Where can I find accommodations and campsites during a cycling trip in Spain?

Spain provides various bike-friendly structures like accessible accommodations, campsites, and bars along cycling routes. Valencia, Vitoria, and Zaragoza are famous cycling destinations that offer ample choices for accommodations and campsites. Sierra Nevada mountain range in Andalucía and the roads around Gorafe also provide enough rest options. Furthermore, restaurants and bars are abundant throughout the journey to help refresh and refuel before continuing the cycling journey. Show more

What are some recommended mountain ranges and tranquil roads for cycling in Spain?

Spain is a country full of beautiful mountain ranges and serene roads that make it a perfect fit for cycling enthusiasts. Pyrenees and Sierra Nevada mountain ranges are great options for cyclists. The areas surrounding Gorafe in Granada province offer tranquil roads. It's worth noting that these regions can be challenging for beginners, but the beautiful views and unique experiences are worth the effort. Show more

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