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Sailing in Utah

Catch some wind and share the sailing passion with other enthusiasts among the beautiful scenery of Utah's lakes

Best time: late April–September


What can be better than hearing the sound of waves and feeling the light breeze, while being led by the power of wind? Enjoying the beauty of nature around as you go under canvas is one of the most peaceful and inspiring activities to try. There's a range of scenic spots to enjoy a peaceful float in Utah, including Great Salt Lake, Utah Lake, Bear Lake, Oquirrh Lake, Jordanelle Reservoir, Pineview Reservoir, and others.

Though the Great Salt Lake is generally the biggest water basin here, the most famous is still Utah Lake, the largest freshwater lake in the state. The lake hosts many 6 m long boats, which are located at the five marinas, in Provo, Lindon, Saratoga Springs, Spanish Fork, and American Fork. Besides sailing, its visitors can enjoy boating, canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and even jet skiing. Moreover, anyone can spend a day at the swimming beach, organize a picnic, or enjoy an overnight stay at the camping grounds of the Utah Lake.

This activity can be enjoyed during three seasons: spring, summer, and fall. When the wind gets a little stronger and pushes your watercraft it can get a little choppy. Such winds can pick up at the afternoon, mainly between 3 pm and 6 pm. but the weather here is temperate with warm waters and soft winds, especially during summer.

Utah Sailing Association aims at promoting this relatively new sport in the state. They hold various sailing events at different lakes starting from late April and through September, the peak time for this activity.

Practical info

What are some suitable lakes for sailing in Utah?

The best lakes for sailing in Utah are Utah Lake, Great Salt Lake, Pineview, and Jordanelle reservoirs. Utah Lake, for example, is a famous spot for sailing and offers five marinas situated in different cities, where boaters can launch their boats. Great Salt Lake offers a unique experience due to its vast size and scenic background. Pineview and Jordanelle reservoirs, on the other hand, offer more private and smaller sailing experiences. Show more

What other activities can visitors do at Utah Lake?

Besides sailing, Utah Lake offers various activities suitable for visitors of all ages. Some of the fun things you can do include swimming, fishing, paddle boarding, canoeing, or jet skiing. Alternatively, visitors can enjoy lounging at the beach or spending the night at one of the many campsites around the lake. The area is home to several wildlife and bird species that make it a favorite spot for birdwatchers and enthusiasts of nature. Show more

What is the ideal season for sailing in Utah?

For the best sailing experience, visitors are advised to visit Utah in spring, summer, or fall. The peak summer season, which runs from late April to September, offers the most suitable temperatures and mild winds for sailing. While it is calm during the day, choppy waters and stronger winds are usually experienced between 3 pm and 6 pm. It is important to always check weather updates before sailing as conditions can change quickly. Show more

Where can one attend sailing events in Utah?

The Utah Sailing Association plays an active role in promoting sailing in Utah and conducts several events at various lakes during the peak season. These events offer a wide range of boats, from cruising and dinghies to racing boats. Some examples of popular events include the Governor's Cup Regatta, Utah Summer games, Utah Grand Prix, and Utah Lake Festival. Most of the events occur between April and September. Show more

How would you describe the wind and water conditions in Utah for sailing?

Utah's climate for sailing is usually mild and temperate, with choppy waters and strong winds often encountered in the afternoons. The winds are typically soft during the day, making it a favorite sailing destination. The temperature is generally pleasant, with warm waters suitable for sailing from late April through September. Consultation with local sailors and weather updates is always recommended before your trip to get the most up-to-date information on sailing conditions in Utah. Show more

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