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Enjoy Vancouver's coastline and other waterways! Don't miss the beauty of nature, wildlife watching, fishing opportunities, and adventurous boating. It's easy to find the perfect water activity for everyone here!


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Row, row, row your boat and definitely here! It's hard to imagine a better place for enjoying everything connected with boating than Vancouver. Endless waterways together with a stunning coastline promise a fantastic voyage for everyone. The 27,000 km of scenic coastline with 200 marinas and small harbours, numerous fjords, inlets, and marine parks thoughout BC offer an amazing adventure and experience for this kind of activity. A huge variety of charter companies offer trips suitable for everyone. Whether you want to spend a peaceful evening watching whales, dolphins, sea lions, seals, and birds or try some of the world's best fishing, you can find here everything you've been looking for here. Granville Island, Horseshoe Bay, and Coal Harbour are the best places for such services. Boat rentals are usually open from March to October.

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