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Enjoy Vancouver's coastline and other waterways! Don't miss the beauty of nature, wildlife watching, fishing opportunities, and adventurous boating. It's easy to find the perfect water activity for everyone here!

Best time: March–October


Row, row, row your boat and definitely here! It's hard to imagine a better place for enjoying everything connected with boating than Vancouver. Endless waterways together with a stunning coastline promise a fantastic voyage for everyone. The 27,000 km of scenic coastline with 200 marinas and small harbours, numerous fjords, inlets, and marine parks thoughout BC offer an amazing adventure and experience for this kind of activity. A huge variety of charter companies offer trips suitable for everyone. Whether you want to spend a peaceful evening watching whales, dolphins, sea lions, seals, and birds or try some of the world's best fishing, you can find here everything you've been looking for here. Granville Island, Horseshoe Bay, and Coal Harbour are the best places for such services. Boat rentals are usually open from March to October.

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What waterways should one visit on Vancouver's boats?

Vancouver has numerous waterways to explore; False Creek, Indian Arm, English Bay, and Howe Sound are among the most important must-visit ones. False Creek is a well-known spot for boating, offering breathtaking views of the city skyline. Indian Arm is an excellent alternative, with calm waters and stunning mountain scenery. Meanwhile, English Bay is ideal for sunset viewing, while Howe Sound offers adventure and thrill-seekers thrilling experiences. Show more

What other water activities can be done in Vancouver?

Vancouver is a one-stop-shop for water activities. Aside from boating, you can try kayaking around False Creek, paddleboarding within English Bay, and scuba diving at Horseshoe Bay. During various times of the year, whale watching is a popular activity, while fishing can provide that perfect element of fun. Waterskiing and wakeboarding will provide individuals with that extra adrenaline rush while exploring the waters of Vancouver. Show more

What are some top spots for fishing in Vancouver?

Vancouver has some top spots for fishing enthusiasts. The Fraser River, the Gulf Islands, and the Capilano River are perfect for fishing. Visitors can catch fish and cook them for a great meal. The Gulf Islands and Fraser River are well-known for salmon and halibut fishing spots, while the Capilano River provides opportunities for Steelhead Trout fishing. Show more

What's the peak season to go boating in Vancouver?

The boating season in Vancouver begins in March and ends in October, and this is the best time to visit the city. Vancouver's climate is perfect, with sunny weather and intermittent rainfall, providing the ideal conditions for boating. July to September, temperatures range from 20-25 degrees Celsius, making it comfortable to participate in boating activities. During spring and autumn, visitors can explore the beautiful cherry blossoms at Stanley Park and False Creek, as well as the spectacular colors of the fallen leaves. Show more

What resources are available for novice mariners new to Vancouver?

Vancouver has several boating schools where novice mariners can receive instruction and support. Beginner and private lessons are available to learn boating basics, regulations, and safety guidelines before embarking on a boating trip. Sail Canada, the Vancouver Sailing Club, and Jericho Sailing Centre are reputable boating schools that offer courses for different age levels, from beginners to intermediates interested in learning about navigation, safety, and advanced sailing or powerboating skills. Show more

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