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Aruba Carnival 2024

Join the brightest and the biggest party of the year in Aruba

Dates: January 5–February 14, 2024

Aruba Carnival

Aruba Carnival is a month-long celebration featuring high-energy parties and hip-shaking madness all over the country. Carnival in Aruba is the biggest merrymaking event of the year that all the citizens look forward to. And when you join it, you will totally understand why everyone is so obsessed with this event.

What to expect

The Carnival season in Aruba officially begins in November, with an impressive Carnival Gala. However, the most awaited events, including large parades and street parties, are held in January and February. Carnival highlights include King & Queen elections, Jump Ups, and the Jouvert Morning Pajama Parade.

Parades and more

In January, the streets fill up with colorfully decked-out floats, joyful music, extravagantly costumed groups of revelers lining up for various parades. Thousands of people enjoy the Lighting Parade, Children’s Parades, the Grand Carnival Parade in San Nicolas, and the highlight of Aruba Carnival—the Grand Carnival Parade in Oranjestad on Shrove Sunday. The end of Carnival Season is heralded by the burning of King Momo–a symbol of the Spirit of Carnival, needed to be destroyed to resurrect the following year.


This huge tropical Caribbean party is a pre-Lenten celebration since it runs until the start of Lent. If you want to join this one-of-a-kind experience, feel free to visit the island during the Aruba Carnival season. We suggest you look at the map below for the best and the most affordable accommodation options nearby.

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