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Float the Amazon in Bolivia 2024

The waters of the Amazon river surprise with pink dolphins and the banks reveal splendid jungle abounding with birds and mammals

Best time: May–October

Float the Amazon
Float the Amazon
Float the Amazon
Float the Amazon

Canoeing along the Amazon river during the dry season you are not likely to experience white water rafting thrill, but rather partake in quiet but even more rewarding wildlife safari. Prepare to see unique inhabitants of Bolivian jungles, namely river pink-coloured dolphins, as well as birds and mammals who gather along the river banks especially in between May and October. The boat trip adventure typically starts in Rurrenabaque and continue​s in the Pampas del Yucuma and the Parque Nacional Madidi. Apart from floating, it usually involves guided walking in the jungles. However, if you opt for a faster ride, try wet season rafting tours that are available on many Bolivian rivers.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Bolivia for an Amazon river tour?

A great time to plan a visit to Bolivia for an Amazon river tour would be between May and October. During these months, the river experiences lower levels of water making it easier to navigate through it. Besides, visitors are in for a treat as pink-coloured dolphins and other exotic wildlife come in full view along the banks. Show more

Where does the canoeing adventure down the Amazon river start?

To start a canoeing adventure down the Amazon River in Bolivia, tourists should head towards the north of the country to find Rurrenabaque. This town serves as a base from where visitors can begin their river expeditions towards the Parque Nacional Madidi and the Pampas del Yacuma. This tour is unique as it offers visitors the chance to observe incredible wildlife inhabiting the jungle. Show more

What kind of wildlife can be seen during the tour, besides the pink-coloured dolphins?

Frequenting the Amazon River in Bolivia, visitors have the possibility to come across various exotic animal species. There are many mammals such as capybaras, monkeys, and alligators. However, the river also offers a diverse range of different bird species. Additionally, the waters hide an array of unique fish species that include the piranha, catfish, and arapaima fish. Tour guides are skilled to help visitors identify these animals for a fascinating experience. Show more

When is the dry and wet season in Bolivia?

Bolivia experiences a dry season starting from May until October and a wet season from November to April. It's worth noting that the dry season is ideal for those who want to experience a soothing in-river boat ride along the Amazon River. However, for a more thrilling experience like white water rafting, the wet season is the best. The river’s levels are higher during this period, providing a more scenic view and exhilarating rapids. Show more

Can white water rafting be experienced during the dry season?

While white water rafting isn’t a typical activity to try during Bolivia's dry season, visitors can still enjoy a relaxed boat ride along the Amazon River while experiencing the wildlife and serene beauty of the surroundings. Other activities such as hiking and wildlife watching are excellent ways to pass the time during the dry season. For those looking to get their adrenaline pumping, white water rafting can be experienced during the wet season, which starts from November and ends in April. Show more

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