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Best season to travel to Cambodia

Mango Season

Cambodian mangoes are among the best in the world

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A trip to Cambodia during the mango season is a great chance to try famous Cambodian mangos which are very sweet and delicious. Many people love mangoes and buy them in their own countries. But it can’t be compared to eating a fruit that has just been cut off the tree. March through July brings a steady supply of mangoes and you can even find some green mangoes, which are unripened and sour, but commonly used in Khmer cuisine.​

Green mango salad is something that all visitors have to try during mango season. Also, mango is widely used in various Cambodian desserts. Try sweet sticky rice with coconut milk and mango. It is served warm, and despite the fact that it may seem too simple, this Cambodian pudding is truly rich and tender.

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