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Sailing in Cancun

Discover mini-paradises hidden in the Carribean while sailing around Cancun

Best time: November–May


One of the best sailing destinations near Cancun is Isla Mujeres. Until recently this piece of heaven on earth was less known, but more and more people have come to know its beauty, so its fame is increasing. There are three beaches on the island you can't miss on your sailing trip: these are Playa Lancheros and Playa Garrafon. Sailing can be harmoniously combined with snorkeling, as the surrounding waters teem with wildlife. Experienced divers might also check out reefs like Banderas and Cuervones. For the best ex​perience choose the season between November and May, for then the likelihood of rains is limited, and hurricanes don't pose any threat.

Practical info

When is the best time to go sailing around Cancun?

The ideal time for sailing near Cancun is between November and May, marked by infrequent rains and a low probability of hurricanes. Safety should be prioritized, so ensure the weather conditions are favorable before setting out to sea. Show more

Where is the best place to sail in Cancun?

Excellent sailing destinations are within reach of Cancun, with Isla Mujeres being a prime option. The island is a blissful haven with beaches, including Playa Lancheros, Playa Garrafon, and Playa Norte, just waiting to be explored. Booking a sailing excursion to the island is a convenient option for those who prefer hassle-free travel planning. Show more

What are the top beaches you can visit on a sailing trip to Isla Mujeres?

There are several stunning beaches worth visiting on an Isla Mujeres sailing excursion. Playa Lancheros is exceptionally scenic and renowned for its seafood. Playa Garrafon's calm waters are perfect for swimming, and Playa Norte has picturesque white sand alongside turquoise waters. Restaurants and beach clubs will ensure you're well-fed and entertained throughout the trip. Show more

What are the opportunities for snorkeling while sailing in Cancun?

Sailing near Cancun comes with a multitude of opportunities for snorkeling. Snorkeling locations, such as Banderas and Cuervones reefs, offer an up-close experience with the underwater ecosystem's colorful marine life. Snorkeling gear is often available for rental during sailing excursions, and it's crucial to exercise caution while swimming and be mindful of fragile, endangered coral reefs. Show more

Are there any specific reefs that experienced divers should visit while sailing near Cancun?

Banderas and Cuervones reefs are two of the best diving spots near Cancun, both ideal for seasoned scuba divers. Experienced divers can explore Banderas Reef's lower depths and its wide variety of dive sites, whereas Cuervones Reef is known for its corals and marine life. It's important to be in good health, have ample diving experience, and prioritize safety while exploring the open sea. Show more

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