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Deer Creek Canyon Park in Colorado

A scenic getaway, just a 35-minute drive from the city of Denver

Best time: all year round (best in August–January)

Deer Creek Canyon Park
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Apart from the famed Deer Creek Trail in Grand Canyon State Park in Arizona, Jefferson County Colorado has another hike with a similar name—Deer Creek Canyon. The area is located in Littleton, southwest of Denver, and offers multi-use trails suitable for hiking, jogging, biking, and horseriding. Deer Creek Canyon Park is open to visitors year-round, but some parts, such as the Black Bear Trail, are closed between February and July.

The 2.7-mile (4.3-km) Deer Creek Canyon Loop Hike is easy enough to be enjoyed by kids and elderly outdoor enthusiasts. The route starts on the Meadowlark Trail and continues to the Plymouth Creek Trail junction, which leads back to the trailhead. The average time needed to cover the loop is around 2 hours.

If you're keen on mountain biking, challenge yourself with "The Wall," a steep rocky section of the Plymouth Creek Trail. Peddlers also enjoy ascending a 2.5-mile (4-km) Red Mesa Loop. But if you prefer to hike safely without extreme cyclers, note that Meadowlark, Homesteader, or Golden Eagle Trails are designed solely for the usage of hikers and equestrians.

While visiting Deer Creek Canyon Park in Colorado, watch out for rattlesnakes. These buddies are common inhabitants in the lower regions of the park, especially at the foothills. The reptiles typically like to warm up themselves at the rocks exposed to the sun.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Deer Creek Canyon Park in Colorado?

Deer Creek Canyon Park welcomes visitors throughout the year. However, it is advisable to explore the park from August to January, during the mild weather and the good trail conditions. Black Bear Trail and other places are closed between February and July each year to protect wildlife and promote ecological conservation within the area. Show more

Where is Deer Creek Canyon Park located?

Deer Creek Canyon Park's location is in Littleton, Jefferson County, Colorado, which is 18 miles or 29 kilometers, approximately a 35-minute drive from Denver. Visitors can navigate their way through US Route 285, following the park signs to the entrance for convenient access to the park. Show more

What are the activities that visitors can do at the park?

Deer Creek Canyon Park caters to outdoor enthusiasts with its multi-purpose outdoor trails that range from hiking, jogging, biking, and horse riding. The Deer Creek Canyon Loop Hike is a relatively easy 2.7-mile trail suitable for all ages, while other trails such as The Wall provide more challenging sections for cyclists to explore. Other attractions found within the park include picnic areas, enabling visitors to interact with scenic beauty. Show more

When are some parts of the park closed for visitors?

Visitors should note that the park closes Black Bear Trail and other regions for conservation from February to July every year to safeguard wildlife and preserve the ecology. However, visitors may still relish other attractions and activities within the park and must plan a visit between August to January to take advantage of best seasonal weather and trail conditions. Show more

What should visitors watch out for while exploring the park?

Rattlesnakes are present in the lower regions of Deer Creek Canyon Park near the foothills. Therefore, visitors should remain vigilant at all times and carry a first aid kit. It is critical to wear suitable hiking footwear, dress in layers, and pack adequate water, sunscreen, insect repellent, and food to mitigate dehydration, unpredictable weather, and sunburn. Show more

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