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Wakeboarding in Grand Canal Dock is one of the best sports that Dublin's summer has to offer!

Wakedock in Dublin 2019 - Best Time
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Wakedock Wake Park is located just a short walk from the city center. A cable zip line installed in the heart of the Dublin Docklands will make it easy to learn how to glide across the water and is perfect for beginners to learn wake boarding.

Wakedock in Dublin - Best Season 2019

For experienced wake boarders, there are four obstacles, a small and a big kicker, a slider and a rooftop rail. Only one wake boarder at a time can use the cable, and speed can be regulated according to the rider's ability or preference.

Best time for Wakedock in Dublin 2019

Every summer, Wakedock also runs a kids club session for the 8-16 year olds, so that even the young ones can learn basic wakeboarding skills.

Best time to see Wakedock in Dublin 2019

Docklands is an interesting landmark by itself. It's often called the ‘Silicon Dock’ after Silicon Valley, as the area attracts companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter. There is also the U2 studio and the historic RNLB Mary Stanford lifeboat.

Best time for Wakedock 2019

Wakedock offers its services from mid-March to late October, and if the weather allows water activities to be carried out safely.