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Oswestry Balloon Carnival 2024 in England

The Balloon Festival is an amazing visual spectacle and a great way to cap off the weekend

Dates: August 18–19, 2024

Oswestry Balloon Carnival
Oswestry Balloon Carnival

Everyone probably dreams at least once about flying on a hot air balloon; it's the best opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Earth with a bird's eye view! For fans of such activities, there are many ballooning festivals, one of which takes place in England (initially in Wales). Don't miss this exciting event, which has been the mainstay on the Llangollen calendar for several years until 2016 when it moved to Oswestry in 2017. So, let's get into the details!

The formerly known Wales International Balloon Carnival, renamed to Oswestry Balloon Festival, is a festival, held in August or September for three days. Hot air balloons of various shapes and sizes dominate the skyline. The fantastic views, especially during the spectacular night glow, as the balloons illuminate the sky, are not to be missed. The event also includes a fireworks display, a parachute display, and a balloon race. This is a real feast for lovers of ballooning!

Oswestry Balloon Carnival takes place at the seven-acre Cae Glas Park, listed among the town’s most popular tourist attractions. The entrance to the park is free. The town has long been a balloon hotspot by reputation. The aim of the organizers of the festival is to increase Oswestry's ballooning history. So, don't forget to book your housing in advance and have an amazing stay!

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