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The Orlando Fringe 2021

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This theatre festival is a 14-day event held every May in Orlando. The festival brings the best of theatre, dance, and music to Florida. The original Fringe Festival was founded in Scotland in 1947 as an alternative to the Edinburgh Festival of the Arts. Fringe Festivals now take place around the world, celebrating uncensored art, with all ticket sales going directly to the artists. Orlando held the first American Fringe Festival and it has grown to be the largest in the US. It has celebrated its 25th anniversary with an attendance of about 72,000.

Orlando Fringe is all about cultural community, creativity and socialization. It has been named "Best Festival" for 22 consecutive years in Orlando and is indeed one of the most unique cultural events in Central Florida. So don't hesitate to see two weeks of performances in Orlando's Ivanhoe Village. Venues include Loch Haven Park at the Lowndes Shakespeare Center, The Orlando Museum of Art, and at The Venue. Kids Fringe is held on the lawn of the Mennello Museum of American Art. Altogether Orlando Fringe Festival presents about 140 shows, from drama to comedy.

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