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Best time to visit Glacier National Park, MT


It is impossible to swim in the icy lakes of the park, but they can definitely be explored on a kayak

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In addition to the impressive mountains, Glacier National Park park boasts no less impressive lakes filled with glacial meltwater. Their calm and clear waters are perfect for kayaking.

The biggest lake in the park, Lake McDonald, occupies around 3,153 feet (292 sq. m) in the western part of the park. In addition to its size, the lake is famous for its birds. You can spot harlequin ducks, herons, and even eagles. The second-largest water basin is St. Mary Lake, which is located at the foot of the mountains in the eastern part of the park.

Other popular locations include Swiftcurrent Lake with its Grinnell Point, which rises spectacularly above the water. Bowman Lake is suitable for those seeking solitude and privacy. At Two Medicine Lake, the water is so calm that you can see the perfect reflection of the skyline. Kintla Lake's advantage is its remote location, which keeps it away from the crowds of tourists. There is a chance to have the lake just to yourself. Flathead River, which stretches for 158 miles (254 km), is perfect for faster kayaking.

Summer months are the best time for kayaking. The air temperature from June to August can reach up to 90 °​F (32 °​C). But the water in the lakes does not get warmer than 50 °​F (10 °​C) throughout the year. Because of warm days and cold nights, kayaking is best during daylight hours. Also, choose morning or afternoon when the winds usually subside. Kayaks can be rented directly in the park for about $ 15 per hour, or you can bring your own.

Last updated: by Mariana Maglych