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Best time to visit Greenland


Hiking is possible even in winter. The only thing you need is showshoes


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Moving fast is fun, but what if you want to slow down and observe everything a bit more attentively? Then your best choice would be snowshoeing. It's a timeworn way of getting around in the Arctic when conditions are snowy. Snowshoes can be used both for short walks around the neighbouring area and for longer expedition style treks deep into the wilderness. But usually snowshoeing is combined with dog sledging, skiing, or snowmobiling. The faster means of transport is typically used to get to a remote hut and snowshoes are used to get around the area near the hut. Snowshoes are good not only in the snow but also on the ice and sometimes even on rocks. They are a very practical means of transportation and a great way to discover the wilderness of Greenland in winter. ​

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