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Li River Hiking in Guilin

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Best time: April–October

Li River Hiking
Li River Hiking
Li River Hiking
Li River Hiking

Guilin is famous for being one of China's most attractive hiking destinations. Li River can be explored on a boat cruise, bamboo raft, or a hike along the river. The last option gives you a chance to get closer to the true Guilin and reveal more of its landscapes.

One of several possible routes runs from Yangdi Village to Yangshuo. Some of its sections may be a little dangerous, so hikers should be cautious. The best decision would be hiking in a group of three to ten people.

Guilin to Yangshuo is the most stunning section along Li River. Another advantage of this beautiful hiking route is that it is not so hard.

Hiking along Li River is the best from April to October. The sunny days allow you to observe the reflections of the hills in the clear water. Whereas during cloudy days, you may get a feeling as if you were hiking or cruising in a mystical parallel universe. The period from November to March is deemed to be a low season. If you still choose that season, don't forget to put your warm clothes on!

Practical info

When is the best time to hike along Li River?

The ideal time for hiking alongside the Li River is from April to October, as the clear skies provide perfect conditions to observe the reflections of the hills in the water. The low season, which lasts from November to March, is still worth the visit. However, it is essential to bring warm clothing to experience the mystique and foggy atmosphere of Guilin at this time. Show more

Where does the most stunning section of the Li River hiking route run?

The stretch of the Li River hiking route with the most magnificent scenery is the one that extends from Guilin to Yangshuo. This is one of the world's most beautiful places, featuring splendid visuals of limestone peaks, crystal-clear water, and natural caves. Tourists can enjoy the authenticity of Guilin's landscapes by exploring local villages while capturing some breathtaking photos. Show more

What are some of the possible ways to explore Li River?

You can explore the Li River in several ways, including taking a peaceful boat cruise, bamboo raft, or by hiking. Hiking provides a more up-close encounter with the unique Guilin nature, where visitors can revel in fresh air and stunning views. However, hiking can become treacherous, and caution is necessary when navigating the river. Show more

How many people should be in a hiking group?

To ensure safety, hiking groups should consist of between three to ten people. Hiking with a group is more secure and permits shared enjoyable experiences while discovering Guilin's beauty. Observing safety regulations is essential, and maintaining a group presence ensures no one is left behind or lost. Exploring with others that share similar interests is always more fun and enjoyable. Show more

What should you prepare for a Li River hike during the low season?

For a Li River low-season hike lasting from November to March, plan to bring warm clothing, gloves, and a hat to stay warm in the freezing temperatures. The foggy atmosphere adds a mystical touch to the experience. It is crucial to observe safety regulations, hike in groups, and reference weather forecasts in case of unexpected weather changes. Show more

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