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Southern Maryland Celtic Festival 2023

Visit the oldest Celtic celebration in Maryland

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The Southern Maryland Celtic Festival is held at the Jefferson-Patterson Park and Museum in St. Leonard, Maryland. One of the largest Celtic events on the east coast honors the heritage of the Irish, Breton, Cornish, Manx, Scottish, and Welsh people. About 50 clans and societies make storytelling presentations, dance performances, musical demonstrations, and compete in various athletic contests. The atmosphere reflects that of the Highland Games and Gatherings. The festival features a few stages playing Welsh, Irish, and Scottish music. One of the main attractions of the festival, Celtic market, offers food as well as old-world arts and crafts. The night ends with a ​free ceilidh party at Dance pavilion with country dancing.

Live music acts on three stages showcase some internationally known bands. Musicians compete playing Celtic harp, in Scottish fiddling, pipes, drums and highland dance. The admission price is $25. Children under 12 can come for free.

The Southern Maryland Celtic Festival is organized by the ​Celtic Society of Southern Maryland since 1976. The society also holds The Winter Celtic Music Concert Series, Annual Robert Burns Memorial Dinner, Scotch Tastings, and other events.

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