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Best time to visit Mongolia


Besides the thrill provided by the sport itself, you can discover nature, wildlife, and hidden tribal settlements

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The mountainous area of Mongolia containing the Altai mountain range, Khentii, Khangai, and Khyangan, has around 4,000 rivers providing a wonderful rafting experience. White waters gush from the forested mountains teeming with wildlife down to serene green valleys and across villages and towns. This means that besides the thrill that comes with every white water rafting trip, your adventure can also include wildlife watching and even a chance encounter with the indigenous tribes dwelling in Siberian forests. Depending on the acceptable level of complexity, tours are arranged in such a way so as to meet the needs of various customers from experienced rafters to little children. To ensure safety during your trip, you will also be accompanied ​by a special support vehicle. Water fun is offered from July through September.

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