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Rafting in Mongolia

Besides the thrill provided by the sport itself, you can discover nature, wildlife, and hidden tribal settlements

Best time: July–September

The mountainous area of Mongolia containing the Altai mountain range, Khentii, Khangai, and Khyangan, has around 4,000 rivers providing a wonderful rafting experience. White waters gush from the forested mountains teeming with wildlife down to serene green valleys and across villages and towns. This means that besides the thrill that comes with every white water rafting trip, your adventure can also include wildlife watching and even a chance encounter with the indigenous tribes dwelling in Siberian forests. Depending on the acceptable level of complexity, tours are arranged in such a way so as to meet the needs of various customers from experienced rafters to little children. To ensure safety during your trip, you will also be accompanied ​by a special support vehicle. Water fun is offered from July through September.

Practical info

When should one consider going white water rafting in Mongolia?

The best time to embark on a white water rafting journey in Mongolia is between July and September. These months are favorable due to their reduced precipitation and predictable water level. It is during this time that the serene green valleys, mountains, and towns offer rafting enthusiasts an unforgatable and stunning experience. Show more

Which are the four best places for white water rafting in Mongolia?

Mongolia's expansive mountainous area offers around 4,000 rivers suitable for white water rafting. Included in this vast array of rivers are Altai mountain range, Khentii, Khangai, and Khyangan. The best places for rafting depends largely on the different rapids you're looking for. For easy relaxing rafting, you may want to visit the Chuluut river, adrenaline-junkies will enjoy the Tuul river’s class I to IV rapids, while the Egiin river offers beautiful scenery, with class I and II rapids for a more laid-back experience. Show more

What experience level is required to enjoy white water rafting in Mongolia?

White water rafting trips in Mongolia are well-suited for rafters at various levels of experience. The difficulty level is adjusted according to preference. If you are looking for a more challenging experience, the Tuul river with class I to IV rapids is perfect for you. Less challenging rafters would find the Egiin river, with class I and II rapids better tailored to their taste. Show more

Is it possible to catch a glimpse of Mongolia's rare wildlife during a white water rafting trip?

White water rafting trips in Mongolia offer the unique opportunity to encounter wildlife in their natural habitat. Mongolia's mountainous areas are home to rare wildlife such as elk, argali sheep, and ibex, with brown bears and wolves making occasional appearances. On the Eg river, in particular, sightings of argali sheep are prevalent. The possibility of seeing these unique critters adds to the unforgettable experience of white water rafting in Mongolia. Show more

Are there indigenous tribes to be seen during a white water rafting trip in Mongolia?

While unpredictable, embarking on a white water rafting trip in Mongolia opens up the chance of encountering indigenous tribes living in the Siberian forests. Based on their location, river routes can be planned that pass through the Altai Mountains, home to the Kazakh and Tuvan tribes. As they are mainly nomadic in nature, there is a limited likelihood of encountering them. However, it's a chance to learn more about their culture and way of life. Show more

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