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Lunar New Year Celebration 2023

A colorful festival to brighten up the winter gloom

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Ottawa's Chinatown is a great place to celebrate The Lunar New Year as the city has a particular way to mark the holiday and a Chinese community consisting of about 30,000 members. Up to a thousand people attend the Lunar New Year celebration which includes the parade and the Kings of Good Fortune procession accompanied by drummers. In the afternoon between 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm, Kings of Good Fortune go through streets, restaurants, and stores of Chinatown to give away lucky red envelopes with best wishes for the New Year. There are about 2000 envelopes with lucky red money, and about 150 have a special surprise gift. People who are giving away envelopes are all dressed up as the zodiac animals from Chinese Zodiac Calendar or wear traditional Chinese costumes known as cheng sam.

Apart from Chinatown, there are celebrations in other parts of the city. A cultural show is held at the McNabb Community Centre on Percy Street. The Lunar New Year Celebration includes traditional acts by the Valiant Dancing Club, Tai Chi Fan & Sword, and a Peking opera group.

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