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420 Hippie Hill 2024

Every year, on April 20 or 4/20, thousands flock to Sharon Meadows to celebrate cannabis culture

Dates: April 20, 2024

420 Hippie Hill
420 Hippie Hill
420 Hippie Hill

A code-term 4/20 (four-twenty) in cannabis culture refers to cannabis consumption. What could be a better day to celebrate it than April 20 (4/20)? San Francisco has been hosting 420 Hippie Hill, the world’s oldest and largest 4/20 celebration and one of the most popular 4/20 events across California, on April 20th at Sharon Meadows (aka Hippie Hill) in Golden Gate Park since the 1970s. However, only starting in 2017, the festival has been held officially in partnership with sponsors and city departments.

Once un-permitted and unofficial, the event now attracts thousands of people from all over the world to solemnize the consumption of cannabis. Now that cannabis has been legalized in California, both for medical and recreational use, more people are free to join the celebrations.

The event is free and open to the community. Here, you'll find a dedicated food area and vendors selling all sorts of items. Organizers also provide basic infrastructures like port-a-potties and a unified sound system with background music, but hand drums will dominate the soundscape. The entrances to the area are monitored, so visitors cannot bring prohibited items like tents, weapons, glass, and drones.

Hippie Hill is a fabulous essential in Golden Gate Park, and when the field isn’t overpacked, the area turns into a place to relax and enjoy the sounds and sights of a stunning day at the park. Sprawling with the book on the weekend to the strains of the drums or tossing a frisbee while catching the rays of the sun sounds like a perfect idea, doesn't it? Bring blankets, canopies, lawn chairs, picnic lunches, and other stuff that will suit perfectly for your lazy day. And don't let your dogs stay at home as it is an excellent opportunity to teach them new tricks.

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