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Houston Art Car Parade 2021

You never know how far the imagination can go ​unless you visit the Art Car Parade in Houston


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The Houston Art Car Para​de is an annual event featuring a display of the most amazing and fantastic vehicles you have ever seen. The three-day event draws hundreds of thousands of spectators. There are cars, bicycles, motorcycles, roller-skaters, and lots of other motorized and human-powered vehicles decorated in various themes. This is a holiday for all the crazy engineers and designers. The 300 participants of the parade will make you curious, shocked, and intrigued as they showcase their stunning creations. Some of the participants travel hundreds of kilometres from all over the States and other c​ountries. Every year the complexity and quality of the art-cars improves and increases. The event closes with one of the wildest parties in town, the Legendary Art Car Ball. ​

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