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Peach Season in Texas 2024

Yummy, tasty, fresh peaches are ready to be picked

Best time: May–August

Peach Season
Peach Season
Peach Season

Texans love peaches. When summer gets closer, everyone eagerly awaits peach season. It starts in May and lasts till early August. An innumerable amount of fresh peaches awaits on every corner. This is also the time to try all types of dishes made from peaches. These can be a peach cobbler, peach ice cream, peach juleps, peach smoothies, and peach pie.

Peach season is celebrated by big annual festivals. Every year, on the second Saturday of July, a great celebration of summer taste is organized in historic downtown Weatherford. Peach-based dishes, together with traditional Texan fair foods like funnel cake, turkey legs, and roasted corn can also be found here. One more festival for the peach season is the Peach JAMboree & Rodeo, celebrated in Stonewall in mid-June. This event features a Peach Queen contest, baking & salsa contests, a rodeo, and live performances as well! A companion rally, the Peach Pedal Bike Ride, includes 61-mile, 39-mile, 28-mile and 8-mile rides. The route even serves peaches at its rest ​stops. There is also a domino tournament held during the festival. The peach-themed offerings are sold out in the first few hours of the festival, so hurry up! ​

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