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Ha Long Bay in Vietnam

Literally meaning the "Bay of Descending Dragons", this is one of the top tourist destinations in Vietnam

Best time: October–April

Ha Long Bay
Ha Long Bay
Ha Long Bay

The beautiful spot of thousands of little islands, some hollow, some featuring caves, and some being a home to several small villages, Ha Long Bay is available for visits throughout the year.

However, the most comfortable period for visiting the bay is from mid-autumn to mid-spring.

Keep in mind,​ though, that during the winter months it may get really cold and the visibility may be hindered by fog, which, on the other hand, creates the gloomy but fascinating view on the bay. Summer is mostly not recommended because it has a ​high probability of bringing storms and high temperatures to the area.

Practical info

What is the best time to visit Ha Long Bay?

The ideal time to visit Ha Long Bay is from October to April, mid-autumn to mid-spring. The weather over this period is pleasant, and there is reduced storm activity and high temperatures. However, the view may be obscured by fog over winter months. Even so, there is still a stunning and mesmeric atmosphere during these times. Show more

What are the unique features of Ha Long Bay?

Ha Long Bay boasts of numerous limestone islands and islets, some hollow and some containing caves. These limestone formations offer fantastic scenery for exploring the caves and boat riding. Besides, visitors can witness small floating villages occupied by fishermen and their families, providing an excellent chance to learn about cultural lifestyle. The distinct scenery and nearby cultural affairs have earned Ha Long Bay a UNESCO World Heritage Site status. Show more

Where are the small villages located in Ha Long Bay?

The small fishing villages in Ha Long Bay are floating establishments built on interconnected floating platforms. Cua Van is the most famous village in the area, having been around for 200 years and populated by about 700 people. Vung Vieng is also a favourite spot with a stunning archipelago landscape. These locations offer tourists a view into the fishing community's conventional existence in Vietnam. Show more

When can we experience the foggy view of Ha Long Bay?

The foggy climate in Ha Long Bay is mostly prevalent between December and February during the winter months. While the weather can be a disadvantage to some, tourists often enjoy the foggy atmosphere which adds to the mystery and beauty of the place. However, the low visibility during this time may limit some activities such as kayaking, cruising, or visiting caves. For best experiences, it is advisable to monitor the weather forecasts before visiting during this time. Show more

How is Ha Long Bay affected by the weather during summer?

Ha Long Bay, like much of Vietnam, experiences frequent storms, high temperatures, and typhoons during the summer season running from May to September. These factors may limit the number of tourist activities available, such as boat trips, cave exploration, and visits to small villages. Checking forecasts before visiting and scheduling trips during other times is recommended to avoid disruptions due to weather conditions. Show more

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