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Do you want to boost your adrenaline in Wales? So, this experience for you! Here it is known as rockpooling, rock-hopping, cliff-jumping, or otherwise "coasteering." They say, only daredevils can dive from the cliffs. Since the 1980s, a group of surfers decided to try cliff-jumping from the foreshore. It was so exciting that they turned it into a real activity.

Coasteering is safe because all the operators are accredited and know everything about their coasts and tides. It's important to stay safe when exploring underwater caves and wildlife, swimming in canyons, and cliff jumping. Moreover, you are given a wetsuit, a safety helmet, and sports equipment. Even kids can jump under the supervision of a trained guide.

Some coasteering companies offer the experience from June to November as from December to May the water temperatures are too low. However, summer time might be busier with visitors, so if you find the right company and wear the right kit and go out in the right conditions, coasteering in the winter months can be amazing.

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