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Jade Lake

Beautiful Alpine Lakes Wilderness is one of Washington's most beautiful hiking destinations


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Jade Lake in Washington 2020 - Best Time

This amazing lake got its name due to azure waters that flow from Lynch Glacier. Jade Lake is located in Snoqualmie Region, part of Alpine Lakes Wilderness. This beautiful section of Central Cascades features dozens of lakes. The trails to Jade Lake will also take hikers to Marmot and Clarice lakes, no less fascinating.

Marmot Lake on Jade Lake trail, Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Washington State 2020
Marmot Lake on Jade Lake trail, Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Washington State

A 32-km (20-mi) trail to Jade and Marmot Lakes with an elevation gain of 1,317 m (4,324 ft) begins at the Deception Pass Trailhead. After a short walk hikers pass Hyas Lake, then they can make a detour to visit Tuck and Robin Lakes or take the trail straight to Marmot, Clarice, and Jade Lakes. It is about 6 km (4 mi) to get from Deception Pass to Marmot Lake.

Marmot features lots of campsites on its eastern shore, where it's possible to stay for a night or two. It is also suitable for swimming. A hike from Marmot Lake to Jade Lake is another 1 hour and 30 minutes. Glaciers feed Jade Lake, and it's possible to take a dip if you are not afraid of cold water. It features a few scenic cliffs and waterfalls. It's best to make this trail from June to September. There are plenty of wildflowers and goats to watch along the way.

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