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Hash Bash 2023

The celebration of all things cannabis on the first Saturday of April

The first Saturday of April might be your best day in Ann Arbor: that's when Hash Bash is held each year at The Diag on the University of Michigan campus at noon. The event is a blend of live music, street vending, speeches, and occasional civil disobedience. All the events have the goal of reforming local, state, and federal regulations on marijuana.

Hash Bash was first held on April 1, 1972, and has been taking place every year since, mostly on the first Saturday of April. The gathering attracts thousands of cannabis fans who openly smoke, vape, or ingest marijuana. It is common to share joints or bowls with old and new friends at the event.

There are several related events around the theme of Hash Bash. Monroe Street Fair offers a program with a live show and street vendors selling fancy water pipes and other products along Monroe Street. Hash Bash Cup is held at Wyndham Garden Hotel & Hampton Inn & Suites over the weekend (postponed to November 13-15, 2020). So, if you want to experience the true spirit of the marijuana community of Ann Harbor, head to The Diag and spend an afternoon meeting new friends and sharing a joint or two.

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What is Hash Bash?

It's an annual event taking place in Ann Arbor on the first Saturday of April. The event is a mix of live music, speeches, and occasional civil disobedience, all centered on the goal of reforming local, federal, and state marijuana laws. Show more

When is the Hash Bash in Ann Arbor?

On the first Saturday of April at noon Show more

Where is Hash Bash in Ann Arbor?

Hash Bash is held on the DIAG of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan Show more

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