Best time to travel to Cape Cod, MA

Fall Foliage in Cape Cod, MA

With the arrival of autumn, another unexpected vacation season begins in Cape Cod

Fall Foliage
Fall Foliage
Fall Foliage
Fall Foliage

The first half of autumn in Cape Cod is sometimes called "the second summer." In September, the peninsula is liberated from crowds of tourists and available for a peaceful vacation in solitude. The grass around the sea coast turns yellow, while maples, beech trees, and oaks paint everything red, brown, and golden. This time is perfect for exploring the autumn gems of Cape Cod through hiking, biking, and wine tasting.

The fall foliage season begins in Cape Cod quite early. From mid-September to the end of October, leaves change their appearance all over the peninsula. During this time, the air temperature stays as high as 71 °F–61 °F (21 °C–16 °C), and everything reminds you of a summer vacation. However, the evening temperature might fall to 13 °C–8 °C (56 °F–46 °F), so nights can get cold.

The Scenic Drive

The peninsula's primary way is Route 6A, or as it's also called—Old King's Highway. A former Native American trail has a rich history and impresses with its little towns stretched along the road. Colorful trees, together with historical architecture and beautiful berry bushes, make it perfect for a scenic driving experience.


Nickerson State Park in Brewster provides plenty of opportunities for nature lovers. The 22 mi (35 km) Cape Cod Rail Trail stretches from Wellfleet Trailhead to South Yarmouth and can be a fun hike or bike destination. A one-mile-long path in Woods Hole, called "The Knob," is an easy hike with a bonus of a Buzzards Bay view at the end. Red Maple Swamp in Eastham features a wooden path through the forest, so a walk there will be both spectacular and comfortable.


Cape Cod is famous for its berry wines and beautiful grape vineyards during the autumn period. A Cape-grown fruit wine tasting paired with a leaf-peeping experience at Cape Cod Winery will be a perfect combination!

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Cape Cod for fall foliage?

The ideal period for discovering fall foliage in Cape Cod is from mid-September to the end of October. During this time, the peninsula's leaves transform, turning into picturesque autumnal colors. The temperature remains fairly warm with highs of 71°F–61°F (21°C–16°C) during the day, but it can get cooler in the evenings, dropping to between 13°C–8°C (56°F–46°F). Show more

Where is the best scenic drive route to see fall foliage in Cape Cod?

Explore Cape Cod's stunning autumn colors with a drive on Old King's Highway, also referred to as Route 6A. The route cuts through the Cape and offers an enchanting view of the stunning fall foliage colors while passing by historical landmarks and Cape Cod's quintessential charming towns. Rich with cultural significance, Old King's Highway is the ideal way to enjoy the fall foliage in Cape Cod. Show more

What is the temperature range during fall foliage season in Cape Cod?

The temperatures during fall foliage season in Cape Cod are favorable, with daytime temperatures reaching highs of 71°F–61°F (21°C–16°C). The evenings, however, can get cooler, ranging from 13°C–8°C (56°F–46°F). As such, visitors need to pack appropriately for the chilly evenings, although the temperature overall is relatively pleasant for a fall foliage experience on Cape Cod. Show more

Which wineries in Cape Cod offer wine tasting experiences during the fall season?

Experience Cape Cod's autumn colors while indulging in a wine-tasting experience at Cape Cod Winery. This impressive winery produces high-quality berry and grape wines with autumn favorites in its wine collection. Visitors can enjoy a beautiful view of the fall foliage while having a splendid wine experience. Cape Cod Winery is a must-visit location during the fall season. Show more

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