Best time to visit Corsica

Boat Trips Around Corsica

Discover Corsica's beautiful seaside and mountain landscape on a remarkable boat ride

Best time: May–October

Boat Trips Around Corsica
Boat Trips Around Corsica
Boat Trips Around Corsica
Boat Trips Around Corsica
Boat Trips Around Corsica

From the surrounding sea, visitors can get a fantastic view of Corsica. There are many many different trips available from almost every coastal town. The best spots to visit include Scandola, the village of Girolata, and Lavezzi islands.

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What are some scenic spots to visit on a boat trip around Corsica?

Corsica has breathtaking mountains and a stunning coastline, making it one of the world's most beautiful islands perfect for boat trips. A UNESCO world heritage site, Scandola, is a must-visit. Other great spots include the tiny and secluded village of Girolata with only around 15 residents and the Lavezzi Islands, a nature reserve with crystal clear waters and beautiful rocks. Show more

When is the best time to take a boat trip around Corsica?

Ideal months to take a boat trip around Corsica are between May and October when the weather is comfortably warm and water is clear and calm, making it easier to navigate and spot sea life. Avoid travelling during July and August, when tourist traffic peaks and prices increase. Ensure to check the weather forecast before planning your trip. Show more

How long are the typical boat trips available around Corsica?

Boat trips around Corsica can last for several days or just for a few hours. While most tours last for four hours, some companies offer longer tours that also include activities such as diving and fishing. Remember to verify the trip itinerary and duration when making a booking. Show more

Where can visitors find the best coastal towns to start their boat trips in Corsica?

A few Corsican coastal towns with many boat trip options include Ajaccio, Calvi, Porto-Vecchio, and Bonifacio. Ajaccio on the west coast has the added advantage of picturesque sunset views, while Calvi on the northwest coast is popular for its beaches. Additionally, Porto-Vecchio and Bonifacio in the south are a great starting point to visit Scandola and Girolata. Show more

Are there any unique features or wildlife that visitors can expect to see on a boat trip in Corsica?

While there's no guarantee of sighting some unique marine animals such as whales, dolphins, and monk seals, visitors will have high chances of spotting them from afar. Corsica has sea grass meadows, corals, and significant fish species such as dentex and grouper, making it home to a wide range of marine wildlife. Visitors can expect surprises around almost every corner of this unique island when exploring its underwater world. Show more

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