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Best time to visit Dominican Republic

White Water Rafting

Breathtaking views of Central Highlands are better seen from the water

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The longest river in the country is not for beginners. Yaque del Norte River, with a length of almost 186 miles (300 km), can be a challenge due to its rapid turns and currents. At the same time, rafting along it will open up the most beautiful gems of the Dominican Republic.

The route of all rafters starts from the 1700 feet (518 m) above sea level in the mountain town of Jarabacoa. Many companies like Rancho Jarabacoa and Rancho Baiguate offer tours, which can last from several hours to overnight trips. The packages usually include transportation, safety equipment, and food. The streamy waters of Yaque del Norte will take you to Salto Jimenoa waterfall, lush forests, and misty mountains of the Cibao region.

High levels of water make summer month the most pleasant season for water rafting. Take into consideration that the inland weather is much cooler than in Cabarete or other resort destinations. Waterproof and windproof clothing will be indispensable on such a trip.

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