Best time to travel to Greece

Birdwatching in Greece

Situated at the crossroads of three continents, Greece boasts a rich bird life

Best time: April–mid-June


Birding enthusiasts head to Greece to experience its rich avifauna that numbers nearly 450 species. The favourites are Dalmatian and Great White Pelicans, Greater Flamingo, Pygmy Cormorant, Masked Shrike, Spur-winged Plover, Ruppell’s Warbler and Cretzschmar’s Bunting. Popular birdwatching locations include Kerkini Lake, Mikri Prespa, Dadia forest and Evros Delta. The coastal areas of northeast Greece and especially the islands of Crete and Lesvos are also great to see extreme bird diversity.

One can go birdwatching any time of year but springtime between April until mid-June is known as the most vibrant period when Greece sees the greatest number of migratory birds.

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What are the best locations in Greece for birdwatching?

Kerkini Lake is one of Greece’s top birdwatching locations with 300 bird species. Other popular spots that bird enthusiasts must visit for birding in Greece include Mikri Prespa, Dadia forest, and Evros Delta. If you want to catch glimpses of extreme bird diversity, head to the coastal areas of northeast Greece or the islands of Crete and Lesvos. Each of these birdwatching locations will provide a unique experience with bird diversity to satisfy all bird enthusiasts. Show more

When is the best time to visit Greece for birdwatching?

Although it is possible to birdwatch in Greece anytime in the year, the perfect time for birding is during spring from April to mid-June or autumn from late August to October. During these seasons, Greece hosts an extensive number of migratory birds, and the weather is pleasant for comfortable birdwatching. The summertime also offers an opportunity for birdwatching, but the hot weather and inactivity from birds make it less ideal. Show more

What are some unique bird species found in Greece?

Greece houses nearly 450 diverse bird species with some unique ones including Great White Pelicans, Dalmatian, Pygmy Cormorant, Greater Flamingo, Masked Shrike, Cretzschmar's Bunting, Ruppell's Warbler, and Spur-winged Plover. You can't find these species across many parts of Europe, making Greece an exceptional birding location, with bird enthusiasts having a great time watching these peculiar species. Show more

Can I go birdwatching in Greece throughout the year?

The answer is yes, as birding in Greece is an activity you can pursue throughout the year. Although the best time to observe birds is during spring from April to mid-June or autumn from late August to October, the season of bird activity varies. Greece has a wide variety of bird species to observe, unique in every season. While winter birdwatching is possible, it is not highly recommended due to the severe weather and inactivity of some bird species. Show more

Are there any specific coastal areas in Greece that are best for birdwatching?

Birdwatching enthusiasts should head to coastal regions that include the northeast of Greece and the islands of Crete and Lesvos to enjoy the bounty of bird species on the coast. These are the best birding locations with high chances of spotting a wide variety of birds, especially during autumn and spring months of low, comfortable temperatures and many migratory passers-by. Additionally, the picturesque beauty of these coastal regions makes them a preferred destination for nature-lovers and bird enthusiasts alike. Show more

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