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Scorpions in Las Vegas

Be careful during the mating season of scorpions, which falls in spring and autumn

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The desert climate of Las Vegas is predisposed to the invasion of various insect pests, such as spiders and scorpions. In recent years, in spring and autumn, the city is overtaken with a large number of scorpions. At this time of year, they can be everywhere in Vegas—in private yards, in gardens, on palm trees, and bushes.

It is easy to identify scorpions by their appearance: eight legs, large claws and armed with stinging tails. There are some poisonous species. They usually appear at night, as they are prey to birds and rats. In the daylight, they hide. Scorpions become fluorescent under ultraviolet light. This is the way to catch scorpions at night in Vegas.

There are about 23 species of scorpions in the valley of Las Vegas. The most problematic are Bark Scorpions which live on palms and shrubs. To avoid the sting of a scorpion, you should always wear shoes.

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