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Parkour in Westminster in London

Make your way through the labyrinth of obstacles in The Leap—the largest parkour park in the world

Best time: April–October

The Leap offers an area of 700 square metres of well-arranged obstacles to overcome using your body and athleticism. You may take a supervised or coached session, but experienced parkour warriors may venture independently provided that they have passed a competency test and proven their skills. There are free programmes offered for the kids between 8 to 19 years old. The park operates throughout the year, but the outdoor area is best suitable for parkour in the warm season from April to October.

Practical info

When can visitors go to The Leap?

Parkour enthusiasts can go to The Leap all year round. The outdoor facilities are more suited for the warm season from April to October. A range of programmes is on offer for children aged 8-19 years old during this time. Show more

What is the size of the obstacle course in The Leap?

The Leap is one of the world's biggest parkour parks, boasting 700 square meters. The space is filled with challenging obstacles to encourage creativity and test the athlete's agility. Show more

Is there an age limit for The Leap's parkour park?

Parkour enthusiasts of all ages are welcome at The Leap. While there are no official age restrictions, free and structured programmes for children aged 8-19 years old are available. Experienced athletes may use the facilities unguided or participate in a supervised session. Show more

How do you earn the ability to use The Leap's parkour park without supervision?

Before using the park freely, a competency test must confirm the required parkour skills. During this assessment, a range of techniques and manoeuvres are evaluated to gauge athleticism and creativity. Once the park confirms the necessary skill level, one is free to experience the park's facilities independently. Show more

Is The Leap only open during certain times of the year?

Parkour enthusiasts can experience The Leap's facilities all year round. While seasons may influence whether the outdoor park is suitable for training, the entire venue remains open throughout the year. A range of supervised training sessions and programmes are available throughout the year to cater to varying needs. Show more

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